Ecora Leadership Team

Kelly Sherman

Kelly Sherman

President & CEO, Sr. Resource Analyst & Carbon Specialist
Dan Bernier

Dan Bernier

Vice President & COO, Chairman, Sr. Biologist

Dave Myers

David Myers

Founding Partner & CTO, Sr. GIS Analyst
Shikun Ran

Shikun Ran

Founding Partner, Sr. Ecologist
Mike Young

Mike Young

Chief Engineer
Kelly Mercer

Kelly Mercer

Branch Manager Penticton, Sr. Civil Engineering Technologist

Michael Laws

P.Eng., Senior Geotechnical & Dam Safety Engineer

Jay Greenfield

RPF, Branch Manager & Senior Resource Analyst

Ecora Team

Bergum, Ciara: Civil Engineering Technologist
Bernier, Arielle: Junior Biologist
Bernier, Dan, MSc, RPBio: Vice President and COO, Chairman, Sr. Biologist
Betuzzi, Stuart, EIT: Jr. Civil Engineer
Birds, Graham, AScT: Civil Engineering Technologist
Boks, Stacey, FIT: Jr. Resource Analyst
Braumandl, Tom, RPF: Sr. Ecologist
Burgess, Jouline: Administration Assistant
Catana, Cevat, PEng: Geotechnical Engineer
Coster, David, RPF: Sr. Resource Analyst
Delong, Craig S.C., RPBio: Sr. Ecologist
Doiron, Kyle, AScT: Civil Engineering Technologist
Doucette, Jonathan: Building Technologist
Fehr, Hannah: Forest Inventory Technician
Fenske, Shane: Lab Tech/Civil Engineering Tech
Ferguson, Jesica, EIT: Jr. Engineer
Freeman, Brad: GIS Analyst
Frier, Colm T.: Civil Engineering Technologist
Giles-Hansen, Krysta, RPF: Resource Analyst
Greenfield, Jay, RPF: Sr. Resource Analyst
Guenther, Raelyn: Civil/Geotechnical Engineering Tech
Hawker, Scott, RPBio: Environmental Sciences Manager
Haws, Thomas: Sr. System Analyst
Hobuti, Bram, PEng: Structural Engineer
Johnson, Andrew, PEng: Civil Engineer
Jovanovic, Dejan, PEng: Sr. Geotechnical Engineer
Kalinocka, Steven, PEng: Geotechnical Engineer
Kerkhecker, Adam, AScT: Jr. Civil Engineer
Kiefiuk, Connie: Receptionist
Knight, Chris, CPA: Controller
Koepke, Joanne: Sr. Design Technician
Kouwenhoven, Jamie, BIT: Environmental Scientist
Kraetzer, Steven: Geotechnical Engineer
Laws, Michael, PEng: Sr. Geotechnical Engineer
Lucas, Sarah: GIS Technician

Matharoo, Rubina, Grad Tech ASTT BC: Civil Engineering Technologist
McChesney, Thomas: Engineering Technologist
McClymont, Bruce, RPF: Sr. Inventory Forester
McLeod, Kelsey: First Nations Client Manager
Mercer, Kelly, AScT: Sr. Civil Engineering Technologist
Miehm, Jerry, RPF: Sr. Resource Analyst
Mitchell, Laura: Accounting Technician
Moya, Hector: CAD Technician
Myers, David: Founding Partner, Sr. GIS Analyst
O’Dwyer, Reg: Lab Technician
Patterson, Adam, RPBio: Biologist
Petillion, Jeff: GIS Technician
Piche, Isabelle, EIT: Jr. Geotechnical Engineer
Piedt, Catherine, AAG: Environmental Scientist
Pomeroy, Caleb, Peng: Engineer in Training
Prokopenko, Mike: Inventory Technician
Ran, Shikun, RPF: Founding Partner, Sr. Ecologist
Redwood, Jeff, EIT: Intermediate Geotechnical Engineer
Rodrigues, Liza: Jr. Resource Analyst
Ross, Andrew: Implementation Specialist
Rowe, Tyler, AScT: Civil Engineering Technologist
Schoch, Sasha: Accounting Technician
Semenoff, Steven: Civil Engineering Technologist
Shan, Tian, P.Eng: Structural Engineer
Sherman, Kelly: President and CEO, Sr. Resource Analyst & Carbon Specialist
Simons, Jeffrey: Civil Engineering Technologist
Smyth, Paige, AScT: Civil Engineering Technologist
Steingass, Jordan: GIS Technician
Story, Melissa: Administration Assistant
Taillon, Dani: GIS Technician
Thomson, Connie: Administrative Assistant
Turner, Toby, AAG: Jr. Inventory Forester
Wang, Xiaolu: Forestry Inventory Technician
Williamson, Bobby, Grad Tech ASTT BC: Civil Engineering Technologist
Wispinki, Steven: Accounts Receivable Manager
Wittstock, Pete, EIT: Jr. Geotechnical Engineer
Young, Michael, PEng: Vice President
Younger, Mitchell: Engineering Technologist
Zhang, Madelin, TFT: Inventory Technician