Dan Bernier

Dan Bernier, MSc, RPBio:
Senior Biologist and Environmental Scientist

Dan Bernier is a Registered Professional Biologist in both BC and Alberta. He has a Masters Degree in Biology from UNBC and has been a research and consulting biologist for over 15 years. Dan specializes in stand and landscape level biodiversity management and is considered an expert in ecosystem at risk identification and management. In the past ten years, he has written several books and field guides with other biologists related to the identification and management of species and ecosystems at risk.

As a strong public speaker, Dan hosts workshops and training sessions related to biodiversity and species at risk management for several different industries with unique management requirements. He is sought after as an advisor for sustainable resource management topics including regulatory advisement, environmental certification and biodiversity monitoring. Dan has extensive ecosystem, vegetation, terrain and soil classification field experience and he applies that experience in projects such as environmental impact assessments, ecosystem mapping, species at risk assessments, and a variety of other projects requiring his terrestrial ecology expertise.

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