Ecora Projects:
Yekooche First Nation – Species at Risk

In 2015, with funding from Environment Canada (Interdepartmental Recovery Fund (IRF)) in conjunction with Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC), Ecora completed year one of a proposed three-year species-at-risk awareness and training project for Yekooche First Nation (Yekooche). The project focused on four SARA-listed species (three birds and one amphibian) with potential to occur within or surrounding Yekooche’s territory.


Background research and documentation (including scientific studies, species accounts and species recovery / management plans) were summarized and the species accounts were refined, with emphasis on the local ecosystems within and surrounding Yekooche’s Reserve lands. Preliminary field survey plans were developed and a training session was completed within the community to introduce the species-at-risk management and regulatory environment and to emphasize the importance of scoping them into local management planning.


Environmental Sciences