Geotechnical and Material Engineering

Geotechnical and Material Engineering relates to the engineering behavior of earth materials using the principles of soil mechanics and rock mechanics to assess subsurface conditions and materials; determine their relevant physical/mechanical and chemical properties; evaluate stability of natural slopes and man-made soil deposits; assess risks posed by site conditions; design earthworks and structure foundations; and monitor site conditions, earthwork and foundation construction.

The Ecora team provides a broad range of Geotechnical and Material Engineering services in the Land Developments, Infrastructure, Transportation and Buildings sectors. Geotechnical Engineering services that Ecora provides include:

•  Site Investigations and Characterization
•  Slope Stability, Terrain Assessment, and Natural Hazard Assessment
•  Geotechnical Instrumentation
•  Rock Engineering
•  Seismic and Liquefaction Assessments
•  Diaphragm, Segmental, Soldier Pile and Soil Nail Wall Design
•  Excavation Shoring and Underpinning
•  Shallow and Deep Foundation Design
•  Pavement Design
•  Construction Monitoring and Field Reviews

Ecora provides both laboratory and field Material Engineering services on a wide variety of materials including; aggregate degradation, asphalt mix design, atterberg limits, bulk unit weight, compaction testing, concrete compressive strength, hydrometer, organic content, particle size analysis, specific gravity, visual soil classification, and more.

Dam Engineering

Dams and related features serve a critical role in providing potable and irrigation water supply, hydropower, flood control, recreation, and other benefits. Ecora provides a broad range of services including dam safety inspections, engineering analyses, hydraulic modeling, environmental assessments, design, and construction oversight. Dam Engineering services that Ecora provides include:

•  Dam Safety Reviews
•  Dam Safety Inspections
•  Geotechnical Investigations of Existing Dams
•  Dam Break Analysis and Flood Inundation Mapping
•  Hydrological Assessment and Flood Routing
•  Preparation of Operations, Maintenance and Surveillance Manuals, Emergency Response Plans, and Emergency Preparedness Plans
•  Water Balance Review
•  Dam Decommissioning Assessments
•  Feasibility Studies
•  Embankment & Hydraulic Structure Rehabilitation and Design