Dave Myers

David Myers

Chief Technology Officer

David Myers is a GIS expert recognized by his colleagues and clients for finding efficient and effective solutions for supporting a wide range of project needs. Dave has been running large scale GIS analysis projects since 1998 using Arc/Info, ArcGIS and other related software. From data acquisition, quality assurance, mapping, modeling, analysis and data management Dave has a thorough understanding of GIS. Dave now specializes in data management, advanced GIS analysis and spatial modeling developing several related applications and tools including spatial location optimization models, forest merchantability models, DEM analysis and patch size distribution models.

In addition to GIS, Dave has become proficient in timber supply analysis and reporting as well as ecological mapping and reporting. Information management has become one of the leading initiatives in GIS today and Dave has managed several projects related to the management, storage and delivery of client data. In addition to Dave’s strong technical skills he has proven to be an exceptional project manager who ensures that all projects are delivered on time and on budget and client satisfaction remains the top priority.

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Phone 250-469-9757 (office)
Cell 250-718-0972