Michael Laws: P.Eng

Director of Engineering

Michael is a Senior Geotechnical and Dam Safety Engineer based in Ecora’s Kelowna, BC office with over 17 years of broad geotechnical investigation and design experience, including analysis and design of soil and rock slopes, rock fall assessments, geotechnical design of shallow and deep foundations, seismic and liquefaction analyses, geostructure design and dam engineering, including undertaking dam safety reviews of existing dams, geotechnical investigations, design and construction supervision of new dams and specialized geotechnical analysis of existing dams and appurtenant structures. He has been involved in the investigation, geotechnical analysis and design of major infrastructure projects throughout western Canada, including run-of-river hydro, highways, railways and rapid transit.

He has successfully completed comprehensive dam safety reviews, design and engineering assessments of over 30 dams in the past 5 years and is very familiar with the requirements of the Canadian Dam Association, Dam Safety Guidelines 2007 (2013 edition) and the BC Dam Safety Regulation. He is experienced with specialized geotechnical and hydrotechnical software for modeling slope stability, seepage, rock fall, pile analysis, finite element analysis, seismic modelling, dam breach and inundation such as Geostudio Suite, Slide, Dips, RocFall, Plaxis 2D & 3D, L-Pile, Group, Repute, Shake, D-MOD and Deepsoil.

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