Dan Bernier

Dan Bernier, MSc, RPBio:
Chairman & Chief Operating Officer, Senior Biologist

As one of the founding partners of Ecora, Dan Bernier has been the Board Chairman and Chief Operating Officer since 2010. He works closely with the Board and other executives to develop a performance culture among all staff, optimizing operations performance and business improvement strategies. Dan works closely with department and project managers to deliver measurable and cost-effective results. Dan is consistently working with staff to drive efficiencies into the business and simultaneously improve Ecora’s corporate cultural.

Dan also maintains an active consultancy role at Ecora. He is a Registered Professional Biologist in both BC and Alberta, and holds a Masters Degree in Biology from UNBC. He has been a research and consulting biologist for over 20 years. As a biologist, Dan specializes in landscape level biodiversity management and is considered an expert in ecosystem at risk identification and management. In the past fifteen years, he has written several books and field guides related to the identification and management of species and ecosystems at risk, and First Nations culturally significant plants in BC. He is sought after as an advisor for sustainable resource management topics including regulatory advisement, environmental assessments and First Nations environmental issues.

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Phone 250-469-9757 (office)
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