Shikun Ran

Shikun Ran, MSc, RPF:
Senior Ecologist and Inventory Specialist

Shikun Ran has been a research and consulting ecologist for the past 20 years. He holds a Masters Degree in Forest Ecology from the University of Toronto. Ran has been a significant contributor to the evolution of ecosystem mapping methods and map accuracy assessment standards in British Columbia. He is recognized as an expert in ecological land classification and ecosystem mapping (PEM, TEM, SEI) with extensive experience in all major climatic regions and ecosystems across British Columbia.

Ran’s experience in mapping ecologically unique features, ecological exceptions, and bioterrain to support ecosystem mapping is unparalleled in BC. He is consistently sought after to assess the accuracy of ecological mapping products, including the statistical design, field data collection, and final accuracy determination of the maps. Ran’s related ecological skills include research data collection, SIBEC and SIA data collection, coarse wood debris studies, ecosystems at risk identification and management, biodiversity management, and the development of regional parks management plans.

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