Ecora’s team of geotechnical, civil, structural, mechanical, hydrotechnical and environmental engineers can provide consulting support through all stages of an oil & gas project.

We focus on providing engineering support for onshore projects in the midstream market. We work closely with our First Nation partners where possible and understand the broader geopolitical and regulatory issues in all that we do.

We understand the importance of delivering high-quality service, on-time and under-budget with a safety culture that goes beyond the project. We can provide engineering support for pipelines, compressor stations, pump stations, underground/above-ground storage facilities as well as associated support infrastructure such as roads, railway, bridges, etc.

  • Environmental and Permitting

    Ecora’s environmental professionals and technicians provide expertise in the range of terrestrial and aquatic assessments required for infrastructure approval and development.

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  • Natural Hazards Assessments and Route Alignment Support

    Ecora routinely undertakes helicopter reconnaissance, reviews air photos, procures and interprets LiDAR data, undertakes drone surveys and conducts geological/hazard mapping.

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  • Geotechnical and Geophysical Investigation

    Ecora’s geotechnical team are well versed in undertaking geotechnical and geophysical investigations in remote conditions. We routinely undertake mud rotary boreholes,

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  • FEED Support

    Ecora can support the Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) and assist our clients in developing cost estimates and identifying major risks on their projects.Our input at this stage usually focuses 

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  • Detailed Design

    During detailed design stage, we can provide geotechnical, civil, structural and mechanical engineering support to support an EPCM contractor or prime consultant in preparing the detailed design.

  • Construction Support

    Ecora provides on-site density as well as laboratory testing (soils, concrete, asphalt). We provide trench stability assessments, slope inspections, pile driving support and structural inspections.

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  • Abandonment, Remediation and Reclamation

    Oil and gas developments that are no longer in production are required to be abandoned, remediated, and reclaimed. When all requirements are met, the BC OGC issues a COR and the site returns back to the Crown.

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