Our Vision

Ecora will be the most valued and preferred engineering and natural resource consulting firm.

The Ecora Way

We will achieve our vision by making “The Ecora Way” a relentless pursuit of efficient and effective solutions in every aspect of our business. Ecora will be flexible enough to respond to market conditions but will never sacrifice quality.

Our Story

Ecora was launched in 2010 as a forestry and environmental services firm thanks to the vision of four established businessmen: Kelly Sherman, Dan Bernier, Dave Myers and Shikun Ran. The quartet had previously combined their skills with another company but they each held a strong belief that a new direction was needed to attain more predominant success and so they branched out on their own. We then joined forces with Mike Young, a civil engineer who has a deep resume of completed projects in the Okanagan region dating back to 1995. Young joined the firm as an equal partner, and it was at that time when Ecora officially expanded into the engineering space. Our initial four co-founders each remain engaged in daily operations and have seen their Kelowna-based enterprise expand to 150 people over the first eight years.

Our friendly and passionate team offers a full spectrum of consulting services in natural resource, and engineering to our diverse clients in forestry, oil and gas, municipal developments, environmental, alternative energy, and other industries. In addition to these clients, we provide services and support to meet the unique needs of various First Nations communities.