Ecora provides geotechnical, hydrotechnical, environmental, structural, civil, and GIS support services. Our teams are well-versed in the demanding requirements of the energy sector. We work in both non-renewables (petroleum, LNG and oil) as well as renewables (hydropower, wind and solar). We regularly assist our clients in navigating the regulatory and permitting requirements of the sector. We have had the honour of working with over 40 First Nations communities across the province of British Columbia. Our belief is that facilitating and training the community and its members is the key to long-term sustainability and protection of the land. This philosophy guides every project we take on and has been integral to our success. We understand the importance of health and safety on energy projects and are experienced in working for clients with strict safety regulations. Further, we understand the importance of on-time delivery. We pride ourselves on meeting project deadlines which we achieve through well-trained project managers who ensure projects are on budget and deliverables exceed quality requirements integrated with strict document control.

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• CAP3E Capacitor Station (BC Hydro)
• Bremner Trio Substation (Westpark Electric)
• Compressor Energy Transmission, Compressor Station and C-9 Upgrade
• NorthRiver Midstream Inc. and Enbridge Pipeline Crossings Erosion Repair Project
• Hermann Permit CX-9-9 (Conuma Coal)
• Aberfeldie Penstock (BC Hydro)
• Air Liquide expansion, Richmond (Air Liquide)
• AES Andres LNG Terminal Pile Design Dominican Republic (Ausenco)
• Site C Fish Stranding Program (BC Hydro)
• CAP1 Capacitor Station (BC Hydro)
• Pipeline Crossing Bank Migration Analysis and Erosion Repair (FortisBC)

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• Geotechnical
• Hydrotechnical
• Environmental
• Civil
• Structural
• Materials testing


Environmental and Permitting

Ecora team of environmental scientists provide consulting support for terrestrial and aquatic habitat assessments and studies, species-at-risk surveys, EMP preparation and permitting services. Recent energy projects include the Site C Fish Stranding Project for BC Hydro, Coastal Gas Link Project: Environmental Assessment Technical Review, Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Line: Environmental Assessment Technical Review (for Yekooche First Nation) as well as Westcoast Connector GasTransmission Project: Environmental Assessment Technical Review (for Halfway River First Nation).

Geotechnical, Geophysical Investigation and Design

Ecora geotechnical team are well versed in undertaking geotechnical and geophysical investigations in remote conditions. We routinely undertake mud rotary boreholes, sonic drilling, ODEX, SCPTs, CPTs, auger drilling and Becker Hammer testing (iBPT and BPT) and are familiar with executing challenging investigations in difficult terrain. Through our preferred sub-consultants we can also provide geophysical surveys, including MASW, SASW, downhole seismic, cross hole seismic and GPR. Our geotechnical team design shallow foundation, deep foundations, embankments, dams, dikes, trenchless crossings, MSE walls, shoring and ground improvement.

Natural Hazards Assessments and Route Alignment Support

Ecora routinely undertakes helicopter reconnaissance, reviews air photos, procures and interprets LiDAR data, undertakes drone surveys and conducts geological/hazard mapping. We work closely with our in-house GIS team in managing large quantities of data. We can identify at an early stage the potential natural hazards that can impact a substation, pipeline, compressor station, pump station and other key energy infrastructure.

Civil and Structural Design

During detailed design stage we can provide geotechnical, civil, and  structural engineering support. We can provide as-needed services or “one stop shopping” depending on the nature and scope of the project.

Construction Support and Materials Testing

Ecora provides on-site density as well as laboratory testing (soils, concrete and asphalt). We provide trench stability assessments, slope inspections, pile driving support and structural inspections. In addition, we can provide ground survey support, bathymetry surveys and drone surveys. Ecora team of Natural Scientists also undertakes Environmental Monitoring (EM) to verify permit compliance.

Abandonment, Remediation, and Reclamation

Oil and gas developments that are no longer in production are required to be abandoned, remediated, and reclaimed. When all requirements are met, the BC OGC issues a COR and the site returns back to the Crown. Ecora reclamation and remediation specialists work with our clients to navigate the COR process. The pilot projects we’ve done in partnership with the OGC, aimed at improving the COR process and reclamation standards, gives us a thorough understanding of how to best plan and implement on our client’s projects.


Dan Bruton, M.Eng., P.Eng.

Energy Sector Lead
Phone: 604.343.2966 x1121
Cell: 604.309.5140