Ecora’s Municipal Sector team provides a wide range of services including road and corridor design, water and sanitary sewer system design and modelling, stormwater management and master planning, project and construction management, public and stakeholder engagement and also supporting services for geotechnical and hydrotechnical engineering, dam infrastructure design and analysis, surveying, landscape architecture and urban planning. Ecora’s clients range from Municipalities, Regional Districts, and First Nations to Provincial and Federal government agencies. Our company strength is the wide range of services we provide in-house and how we work closely with clients throughout all phases of a project to ensure project goals and objectives are met.

Capital improvement projects are an integral part of a Municipality’s ongoing infrastructure renewal and Ecora endeavors to ensure the projects they deliver are fit for purpose and the most cost-effective solution with the longest lifecycle possible.


• City of Abbotsford – Cannell Lake Dam Spillway Replacement.
• City of Kelowna – KLO Creek Bridge Replacement.
• City of Kelowna – Frazer Lake Dam.
• City of Kelowna – Gopher Creek Linear Park.
• City of West Kelowna – Horizon Drive Stormwater Detention Pond.
• City of Prince George – Effects of Climate Change on Natural Areas.
• City of Prince George – Danson Weir Replacement and Sewer Upgrades.
• District of Lake Country – Forest Conservation Policy Strategy.
• RDOS – Naramata Watermain Upgrades (Phase 1) – Arawana Creek Crossing.
• RDOS – Manuel Creek Restoration.
• RDOS – Phase 1 ESA Coalmont.
• RDOS – Naramata/Olalla Watermain Upgrades (Phase 2).
• RDOS – Flood Hazard Assessment.
• RDOS – Emergency Operations – Flood Management (Green Lake, Park Rill).
• RDOS – Flood Mitigation Culvert Replacement at Sportsmen’s Bowl.
• RDOS – Flood Mitigation Culvert Replacement at KVR Railway Faulder.
• Town of Osoyoos – Osoyoos Airport Expansion (on behalf of Osoyoos Airport Development Society) Geographical Information Systems (GIS)


Urban Streets & Rural Roads

• City of Kelowna – McCulloch Road – 1.5km of geometric design, retaining wall
• City of Delta – Delta Street & Bridge Street – geometric design, streetscaping and
public & stakeholder engagement.
• City of Kelowna – K.L.O. Creek Bridge – MMCD tender & contract documents, construction services.
• City of Kelowna – South Pandosy Transit Exchange – BC Transit’s RapidBus Phase 2
& 3 – Lakeshore Road upgrades construction services.
• District of Lake Country – Tyndall Road – 1.5km of geometric design including multiuse pathway and retaining walls.
• City of Delta – 52nd Street – intersection and signal design, bike lanes, parking and
turning movement analysis.
• City of Kelowna – Ethel Street ATC – Conceptual design including public & stakeholder engagement.
• City of Kelowna – Sutherland Avenue ATC – Preliminary design.
• City of Kelowna – Ethel Street ATC Phases 1 & 3 – Detailed design and construction



• RDOS – Naramata – 6km watermain upgrade for RDOS in Naramata.
• RDOS – West Bench – 600m3 reservoir and watermain upgrades.
• RDOS – Faulder – Pumphouse retrofit that included a pre-packaged uranium treatment system, new well, booster pumps and construction services.
• City of Kelowna – Canyon Creak – Dual system for irrigation and domestic water
supply including a reservoir, water meters, a large booster station complete with
water re-chlorination facilities, and pressure reducing stations.
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada – Summerland Research & Development Centre –
Preliminary design and modelling for the replacement of the irrigation system, including pump station, reservoir, PRV stations and controls.
• The Lakes Development – Phases 1-10 – 800 plus unit subdivision including water
modelling, distribution, two reservoirs and booster pump stations.
• NRC Canada – White Lake Observatory – new water well, well head protection
plan, including telemetry and electrical upgrades.
• Shushwap Lake Estates – 2 partial bury reservoirs, including chlorine contact
chamber, the reservoirs included roof top pickle ball court and club house.


Sanitary Sewer & Stormwater

• City of Kelowna – Stellar Drive sanitary main replacement.
• BC Housing Management Commission – Parkdale Lodge sewer feasibility study,
design and construction services.
• The Lakes Development – Phases 1-10 – 800 plus unit subdivision – lift station,
dosing chamber, forcemain, 6km collection system.
• District of Kent – Urban Watershed Drainage Master Plan.
• Westbank First Nation – Boucherie Road / Tomat Creek 100Ha catchment assessment, modelling, facility design including retention pond, outlet control and CDS
treatment and minor (piped) system upgrades.
• City of West Kelowna – McAllister and McMann – Drainage Improvements.
• City of West Kelowna – Stevens and Ross Road – Infiltration systems.
• City of Kelowna – McCulloch Road – drainage works, erosion and sediment control, outlet to KLO Creek and CDS treatment.



• BC Hydro – Geotechnical assessment of Capacitor Stations near Vanderhoof and
• City of Richmond – Geotechnical assessment for direction drilling of a force main
beneath a CN railway lone.
• City of Vancouver – Seismic hazard assessment of Manitoba Yards a post disaster
• BC MLFNORD – Comprehensive Dam Safety Review of the Okanagan Lake Regulation System Dams.
• BC MoTI – Seacrest Hill Road Culvert Replacement.
RDOS, Town of Keremeos, Town of Princeton – Flood mapping, hazard and mitigation assessment of the Similkameen River.
• BC MoTI – 150 Mile Road Culvert Replacement.
• BC MoTI – Campbell Bridge Rehabilitation, design of erosion protection and foundation underpinning and construction services.
• BC MoTI – Three Valley Gap Remote Avalanche Control System, design of foundation to support avalanche towers and construction services..
• City of Abbottsford – Rehabilitation of Cannell Lake Dam, design of new concrete
spillway and toe berm.
• District of Lake Country – Tyndall Road upgrade design of retaining walls.
• City of Prince George – Dam Safety Review of Shane Lake Dam.
• City of Rossland – Dam Safety Review of Star Gulch Dam.
• Cowichan Valley Regional District – Dam Safety Review of Youbou, Stocking Lake,
Shawinigan Weir and Ashburnham Creek dams


• Urban Streets & Rural Roads
• Water
• Sanitary Sewer
• Stormwater
• Project Management
• GeoHydro
• Environmental
• Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
• Structural
• Landscape & Urban Design
• Airport Engineering
• Solid Waste
• Mechanical


• Water supply evaluation and design.
• Water well assessment, including groundwater modeling, pump test analysis and
aquifer testing.
• Distribution design.
• System modeling.
• Pump station design.
• Pressure reducing station design.
• Reservoir design.
• Water treatment facilities.
Sanitary Sewer
• Wastewater treatment facilities.
• Collection system design.
• System modelling.
• Lift Station design.
• Stormwater management facilities.
• Collection system design.
• System modeling.
• Erosion and Sediment Control.


• Conducting geotechnical site investigation and design for both building and infrastructure projects.
• Retaining wall assessment and design.
• Pavement assessment and design.
• Soil and rock slope stability.
• ARD/ML assessments.
• Design of geohazard mitigation works.
• Seismic hazard and liquefaction assessments.
• Flood mapping, hazard and mitigation assessments.
• Revetment and erosion mitigation works design.
• Hydraulic structure design including culverts and spillways.
• Dam and dike assessment and design.
• Dam Safety Reviews.
• Dike and Dam Safety Inspections.
• Geotechnical Investigations of Existing Dikes and Dams.
• Dam Break Analysis and Flood Inundation Mapping.
• Hydrological Assessment and Flood Routing.
• Preparation of Operations, Maintenance and Surveillance Manuals, Emergency
Response Plans, and Emergency Preparedness Plans.
• Water Balance Review.
• Dam Decommissioning Assessments.
Feasibility Studies.
• Structural Assessment and Design of Hydraulic Structures and Gravity Dams.
• Embankment & Hydraulic Structure Rehabilitation and Design.
• Environmental Impact Assessment.
• Environmental Permitting requirements, including addressing the provincial Water
• Sustainability Act (WSA) and federal Fisheries Act application and/or referrals. Support with maintaining compliance and permitting under other legislation as required (e.g., Wildlife Act, Species at Risk Act, Migratory Birds Convention Act).
• Environmental Compliance and Effectiveness Monitoring.
• Environmental Planning and Policy Development.


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