Our team’s expertise is centered around projects that are related to water resources in which we are challenged to safely convey flood waters and to plan and prepare for their occurrence. The suite of services we provide include: 

• Riverine bathymetric survey
• Bridge and culvert inspections
• Dike, dam, and weir inspections
• Riverbank slope failure revetment design
• Channel design and armouring
• Energy dissipation and drop structure design
• Bridge and culvert hydraulic design and sizing
• Bridge and culvert scour repair and armouring
• Assist in permitting for Water Sustainability Act approvals
• Flood interception channel design
• Emergency response planning
• Structural flood mitigation
• Hydrologic analysis
• Bank migration analysis
• Scour depth analysis
• Sediment depth analysis
• Sediment transport analysis
• Inundation depth, hazard and risk floodplain mapping
• Determination of Flood Construction Levels (FCL) and setback distances
• Flood risk assessment
• Dam spillway designs
• Dam breach analysis
• Culvert, bridge and armouring installation inspections
• Diversion designs for construction

Our hydrotechnical team is integrated within the geotechnical team. The beauty of this partnership is that many geotechnical failures are triggered by hydrotechnical issues (and vice versa). Often, a geotechnical slope failure alongside a river will be triggered by the erosive forces of the river’s rushing waters. Another example of this disciplinary overlap are dams. Earthen dams are a geotechnical structure that is designed to retain water; however, as water levels rise, the structure has to be hydrotechnically equipped to allow for flows to enter the spill way. The success of this partnership is that we can provide a one stop shop solution to clients with these kinds of engineering needs.


Cevat Catana

All other location

Geo-Hydro Team Lead
Phone: 250-899-1977


Dan Bruton

Lower Mainland

Senior Geotechnical Engineer
Phone: 604-343-2966 x1121