Our environmental sciences team delivers a range of ecological inventories and assessments. We work closely with First Nations communities and clients across all sectors, collaborating in management of traditional use, cultural values, species and ecosystems at risk, fish and wildlife and their habitat, forest and ecosystem productivity, soil and terrain capability or risk hazard, and climate change adaptation.

Ecora has the professionals and technicians to successfully manage and deliver your project. Whether it’s conducting baseline mapping and inventories, reviews of environmental issues, management planning and monitoring for construction projects, or comprehensive assessments of environmental effects.


  • Ecosystem classification, mapping and accuracy assessments
  • Environmental impact assessments for development permit applications
  • Strategic land and resource management planning
  • Biodiversity and change monitoring assessments
  • Cumulative effects analysis
  • Environmentally sensitive areas mapping
  • Climate change impact and adaptation
  • Traditional plant and land use surveys
  • Environmental training and technology integration
  • Phase 1 / Prelim. Site Investigations
  • Species and ecosystems at risk assessment & field guides
  • Expert scientific review and representation for environmental assessments
  • Fish and wildlife habitat assessments and supply modeling
  • Environmental management plans and construction monitoring
  • Restoration and planting prescriptions
  • Aquatic and riparian assessments: Riparian Areas Regulation (RAR) and Section 11 (Water Sustainability Act) assessments


Adam Patterson, R.P.Bio

Environment Sector Lead
Phone: 250-469-9757 x1024