CLIENT: Cheam First Nation

LOCATION: Rosedale, British Columbia

DURATION: Sept 2015 – present


·       An Industry-Leading Landfill Approval Process for Independent Environmental Characterization

·       An Upgraded Sampling Network for Monitoring Soil, Groundwater and Leachate Quality

·       An Operational Plan that Maximizes both the Environmental Performance for Protection of Human Health and the Environment, and Economic Benefit to the Cheam First Nation

Originally closed in 2001, the Cheam Landfill had fallen out of compliance with its design specifications due to the settlement and degradation of isolated wastes.  The Cheam First Nation retained the Ecora technical team through our joint-venture Ayelstexw, to restore the environmental performance of the facility and return it to a lasting, safe and secure closure. 

Our team designed, and continues to implement, manage and monitor the program needed to re-establish the full closure status of the facility.  The Cheam Landfill Maintenance Program uses new imports, vetted using an industry-leading independent environmental characterization and confirmation program, placed and compacted, to restore the facility to it’s intended grading specifications. 

Temporary operation of the landfill also creates jobs for band members and generates a significant revenue stream for the Cheam First Nation to use in other important social, environmental and economic initiatives.      

Specific program tasks have included:

·       Design and monitoring of engineered closure specifications

·       Design of environmental characterization program for material imports

·       Gap assessment and upgrade of environmental monitoring network

·       Earthworks subcontractor management