Geomatics: Data Management

Ecora offers a range of data management solutions from storage and maintenance to full scale corporate data stewardship. Data management services include:

•  Database design, implementation and maintenance
•  Ongoing stewardship of corporate data sets
•  Spatial data compilation and management
•  Digital data loading, conversion and integration


Ecora has built a data management system with an internet mapping tool that meets all needs of Community Forests and other small licensees. Ecora’s web mapping forms the basis of a “best practices” management plan by allowing small licensees permanent access to their spatial data and enhancing business decisions using up to date spatial information. In addition, community values such as hiking and ski trails, and other outdoor activities can be mapped and published in a format the public can access. The goal is to provide an affordable product that enables the small licensee to do the work themselves, but also provides easy access to expertise at Ecora.

Spatial Analysis

Ecora Engineering & Resource Group offers professional and cost-effective GIS solutions to diverse clients in sectors ranging from forestry to environmental to government agencies to First Nations groups. Our deliverables are high-quality and our solutions and strategies are supported by over 20 years of GIS expertise. Ecora manages mapping projects of all scopes, ranging from simple to complex—from single maps to multi-year mapping projects. While we’ve completed projects of all levels of complexity, Ecora Engineering & Resource Group’s GIS team specializes in delivering large GIS projects specifically relating to multi‑faceted landscape level planning. Ecora’s staff is experienced in working with large datasets and is fully equipped and prepared to tackle the unique challenges that come with each project. Ecora has run economic land use models on very large landbases such as the Timber Supply Analysis (TSA’s) of Prince George, Williams Lake, and Kamloops, which can span up to 5 million hectares in size.


Our GIS services offer many kinds of deliverables to suit your specific needs. Our mapping products include air photo interpretation, digital images, digitized features from air photos, aerial surveys, digital terrain modeling, and spatial and statistical data modeling. We excel in producing high quality presentation-ready products to support diverse business decisions. We also offer a variety of products specific to forestry, environmental science, and other natural resource sectors. Some examples include disturbance updates, forest development planning, resource inventory mapping, TSA’s, resource analysis, natural resource monitoringnand development, GIS support for environmental assessments, watershed assessment mapping, and visual impact assessments.

LiDAR Processing & Analysis

Ecora is proficient at LiDAR processing and modeling. Our LiDAR services include Digital Surface Model (DSM, DEM/DTM) generation, where we can create slope, aspect, and elevation classes, contours, hillshades, and intensity images. We can also produce models and maps for hydrology purposes from these Digital Surface Models.

Our forestry team offers many forestry-specific LiDAR measurements, estimates, and analyses. Direct measurements include tree height, stand density, and crown closure. Estimates include volume, Diameter at Breast Height (DBH), Basal Area, and biomass. Using LiDAR, Ecora can also obtain forest parameters as direct measurements or estimates (derived through modeling) for Vegetation Resources Inventory (VRI) work.

No matter what type of sector your business incorporates, Ecora’s project team has a strong combination of expertise in mapping, GIS and LiDAR that allows us to effectively incorporate LiDAR into any project.