Indigenous Awareness

Awareness, listening, and learning is a core action that will benefit everyone. All of Ecora existing Team members will receive Indigenous awareness training, and all future Team members will receive indigenous awareness training as part of the onboarding. All training material will also be available externally to facilitate other companies and the public to increase their awareness.

Ecora Brand Warranty

Respecting indigenous relationships and values is integral for Ecora Team members and partners. If a Team Member or contractor shows via actions or words not to align on respecting indigenous people, they will be removed from Ecora circle. Furthermore, if an Ecora client is in clear and deliberate contravention of the spirit of UNDRIP, Ecora will work with the client to make them aware of it’s principles and if nothing changes Ecora will cease working for the client.

Support Indigenous Partners and Client

There are aspects of UNDRIP that Ecora Team of professionals are well suited to support our clients and partners. These are related to environmental, economic, social, cultural, and spiritual impact related to land, including supporting conservation, development, and technical support for referral response. For UNDRIP articles 3,18, 19, 21,23,24,25, 26,29, 31, & 32, Ecora is keen to actively support indigenous partners and clients on the road to reconciliation. Ecora Strategic Plan has evolved, and this is now a Key Trust that drives Ecora Strategy.

Business Structures and Partnerships

Ecora has several partnerships, corporations, and agreements with Indigenous partners to create mutually beneficial commercial ventures. There is a commitment that the First Nations must win in these partnerships, and their needs are paramount in the relationship. Any perception or actions that can be perceived as tokenism or Indigenous partners being taken advantage of will not be tolerated.