Location: Abbotsford, BC

Summary: Geohazards assessment for a proposed industrial development

Ecora undertook a geohazards assessment for a proposed industrial development. This included a detailed review of published geology, review of historial stereopair photos, geomorphological site review and limited access geotechnical test holes.

The geohazards assessment was undertaken based on the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists (now EGBC) Guidelines for Legislated Landslide Assessments (2010) and with consideration of recommendations from “Hazard Acceptability Thresholds for Development Approvals by Local Government” (Cave 1993). 

 Ecora assessed the subject site to determine its’ susceptibility to the following potential geohazards (based on Cave 1993) and estimated geohzard return frequenices:

§   Mountain stream erosion and avulsion

§   Debris flows

§   Debris floods

§   Small-scale landslides

§   Snow avalanche

§   Rock fall 

§   Large scale landslides

At the conclusion of our assessment, we completred an Appendix D: Landslide Assessment Assurance Statement as required by the City of Abbotsford