Rutland Lions Park

Client: City of Kelowna Design and Construction
Location: Kelowna, BC
Completion date: November 2009

Outland Design was retained by the Parks & Public Spaces Manager of the City of Kelowna’s Design & Construction Services division to undertake conceptual masterplanning, design development, tender and contract administration services for the upgrade of the Cenotaph in Rutland Lions Park. The improvements included a new processional pathway, lighting, an enlarged ceremonial space around the cenotaph, flag plaza, planting enhancements and site furniture. Outland Design worked with the client on the development of inlaid, granite cornerstones in the plaza and consulted with the Veterans association to ensure that the improvements met Remembrance Day requirements. Since the completion of the improvements, the Rutland Community has seen a 200% increase in the number of attendees at Remembrance Day ceremonies. Construction improvements were undertaken by Sierra Landscaping Limited.