Wells Gray Community Forest Corp. hired Ecora to perform a Change Monitoring Inventory (CMI) and analysis to assess the appropriateness of timber yield estimates for managed stands. Managed stand yields play a significant role in understanding the available volumes in the mid and long-term timber supply of a land base.  Understanding the future volume expectations for these stands plays a critical role in making sound and sustainable resource management decisions.  Through the CMI standard, a series of randomly selected long-term sample plots were installed. Field plots, with detailed tree measurements, were established representing the majority of ecosystem types on the land base.


The data collected through this process supports the fact that managed stand yields estimates in the existing timber supply analysis consistently underestimate the productivity of the land base. The data suggests that the minimum harvest age is presently overestimated and managed stands will yield more volume than is presently forecast. This can have considerable short, mid and long-term impacts on timber supply.